Saturday, April 8, 2017

Honesty Is First Prerequisite to Spread an Ideology

“Honesty is the best policy”, this English proverb has been read by most of the people who have studied this language. But there is a question what honesty actually is. Is it just honesty of money? No, but it has a vast meaning. The honesty in thoughts is the first thing to be followed. I am not saying to reveal every thought in front of everyone. Of course, we need to hide some things for our own sake or for preventing the society from upheavals.

On Facebook, I am witnessing the views of certain people who want to spread a certain ideology – the Hindutva ideology. Well, I have also supported this ideology at certain instance wherever it is discussed intellectually. But, I am surprised to find some people on Facebook, who are willing to spread this ideology vaguely just showing some zeal. But, suppressing some logics and promoting a few points will not take anywhere to these people. For promoting the ideology in a proper manner, you are required to accept criticisms also by putting some of your emotions on the other side and also discard some of the things like a true Yogi does.

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