Sunday, June 9, 2013

Vedas from Eyeglasses

 [A special note: It is correct that had done a good job in past for the spread of Vedic thoughts. Those wonderful articles are still available at that site. But, I am also aware with the non-Vedic thoughts, which are being intentionally or unintentionally being spread by the medium of its online store. I do not support any of these non-Vedic thoughts. I only support itsVedic views and links given below of the aforesaid website are for the purpose of same.]

There is no doubt that the Vedic literature has been the subject of enthusiasm among a large number of people throughout the world. That is a different thing that a number of individuals of today's corporate culture even in India do not even know the name of all four Vedas.

But, the problem here arises is that a large number of people like to read them from the eyeglasses instead of doing their own research. For example:

1.       Most of the historians (like Dr. D.N. Jha and Romal Thapar) and a number of so-called intellectuals like to read them from the eyeglasses of westerners like Max Muller and Ralph Griffith. On the bases of the western view, they claim the beef eating in the ancient times. All these allegations have been refuted at several places. You can read the actual meanings of some of the claimed hymns at
2.       The followers of Hare Krishna / ISKCON movement see the Vedas from the eyeglasses of Srimad Bhagwat Puran. It means, whatever is written in Puran about Veda is the source of evidence for this sect.
3.       Similarly, many of the Hindus who keep devotion towards Ramcharitmanas, see the Vedas from the eyeglasses of the aforesaid book. Tulisidas ji's views are the ultimate evidence for such people. Some blogs of such individuals have come in my sight, who quote the chaupais of Ramcharitmanas in which Vedas have been discussed instead of some real Vedic hymn for telling the people something about Veda. According to some, Manas is the easy source of reading the Vedas. Did these people ever analyzed whether each and every chaupai of Manas that talks about Veda ever resemble the original Vedas or not?
4.       Then comes the Dalit movement. They see the Vedas from the eyeglasses of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Whatever Ambedkar has written in his books about Vedas (which itself was from the eyeglasses of westerners) is the source of their knowledge about the ancient scriptures. They abuse and make allegations on Vedas on basis of Ambedkar's literature. For the kind information of everyone, the Ambedkar's views had been refuted by some Arya scholars during his lifetime, which he never answered.
5.       Muslims – they see Vedas from the eyeglasses of their leaders like Dr. Zakir Naik and more. Dr. Naik and others themselves take the views from some old Muslim scholars. On the bases of these views they claim the existence of Mohammad in Vedas, which has already been refuted by a number of scholars. Some of these answers can be read at

Conclusively, I would like to urge these people to do their own research on the basis of the books on Vedic Philology like Nirukta and Nighantu. If you feel difficult to accept Swami Dayanand's view, then at least do your own research instead of using the eyeglasses, and the fact will be clear one day.

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