Friday, April 12, 2013

Heaven and Hell

From a past few years, different religions have made their own concepts of heaven and hell. Each religion has it concept. Hindus have their own concepts, Muslims have their own, and similarly the Buddhists and Jains have their own. The concept of hell is the most amazing one. Every religion has a hell, where the unbelievers or sinners go. A pain is given to them and so on. The thing becomes worse when one religion claims that people of all other faiths will go to hell. Once, I also received a male of a Christian claiming that some people are eyewitness to the pains given to unbeliever in the hell. Recently, I saw a person in YouTube comments that Buddha is in the hell. It is a very old claim of the Muslims and Christian that the unbelievers will go to hell. I must say that it is a worst way to promote any religion.

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